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Building leadership capability across NSW more leaders join the network

March has been a HUGE month for the Leaders for IMPACT team with events held on the Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers Region, Greater Sydney and far South Coast.

Business and community leaders enjoyed the opportunity to come together to innovate and collaborate and to share their challenges and opportunities.

Reflections from our members and leaders from these sessions included:

opportunity, courage, activism, connection, support, leadership, success, sustainability, community, growth, people, innovation, inspiration, thought provoking, new perspectives … and so much more

The month started in Port Macquarie, with the kick of our Mid North Coast Hub. It was an opportunity to share the Leaders for IMPACT experience with a mix of local business owners and CEOs, chaired by Troy Krogh. There was such diversity of expertise and talent in the room and an opportunity to discuss current issues and opportunities for these businesses and the region.

Mid North Coast event - 9 March

Then, in two very special events, more than 80 leaders came together to hear 2 amazing and insightful speaker panels and participate in 5 collaboration Hubs in the Northern Rivers and Greater Sydney regions. Leaders for IMPACT members and leaders shared opportunities, discussed the big issues and talked about the role of leadership in shaping the future we want!

Northern Rivers event - 16 March (above)

Sydney event - 17 March (above)

We rounded out the month with another launch, this time of our Far South Coast Hub, chaired by Mia Maze. Again, such a great mix of local leaders who enjoyed the experience of participating in a peer-to-peer hub. It was great to see the energy and excitement of these leaders as they embraced sharing, connecting and supporting each other, Leaders for IMPACT style!

Far South Coast event - 23 March (above)