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"Put simply, there is a need for business - and their leaders - to not only anticipate the future but to shape the future we want. This is the Leadership we need."

"Rewiring Leadership" 2018 University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)

Our vision is to realign the way we lead and do business - to drive a dual focus of business success and business for good. 

The Leaders for IMPACT Network is for leaders and business owners who are driven by both purpose and performance.

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We run a dedicated peer to peer leadership program in regions across Australia, supporting leaders and businesses to be both successful and sustainable.

We believe in robust, thriving communities across Australia delivering sustainable economic and social impact


Our programs are designed and delivered by people who have lived your business challenges


An exclusvie member benefit -
The Leaders for IMPACT Scorecard 



Recognizing that to shift from business

as usual or survival to sustainability and beyond, leaders need access to a dedicated, supportive local program that both inspires them and equips them to do business in the disruptive and challenging times we are living in.

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This program provides Leaders with the support to help them adapt to the changing demands of consumers and employees, which are driving leaders and businesses to be better, do more and to contribute meaningfully and authentically to social issues.

All of this whilst maintaining a sense of personal well being!


Peer to Peer Leadership Hubs

Leadership, Strategy & Board Support

We lead a dedicated peer to peer leadership network focused on supporting business success and driving social impact and sustainability.

We offer a range of bespoke leadership services, including:

We have leadership Hubs operating where you live and work.


Members include leaders and business owners  from small to medium family enterprises, for  purpose businesses, community and non-profit. organisations, B Corps and social enterprises.    

Leadership programs

Team building

Executive coaching

Strengths assessments

Board evaluation

Strategic & business planning

All our programs and services are underpinned by a deep commitment driving sustainability and creating greater social impact


Who is behind the Leaders For 
IMPACT Network

We are a growing team of social entrepreneurs, innovators and collaborators who have experience in building and growing businesses and organisations for good.


We share a common vision of supporting leaders to thrive and grow and are united in the belief that we all have a role in creating a world that is more is sustainable and has greater social impact - the leadership of the future.

Kelly Beaumont founded the Network in early 2020, after 15 years of being a member of, Chairing and building peer to peer advisory groups across Sydney. Moving to regional NSW, Kelly was spurred on by the frustration that these programs were not available in regional areas as well as her belief in the power of cross sector collaboration to achieve business success and to create positive social impact within communities.

Kelly Beaumont



Why We Exist

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Leaders for IMPACT acknowledges Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia. We pay our respects to Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging.

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